B.A.U. | Dubase | 031R | Artwork by Agi27th of April | Expirat Club | 22.00 hours | Ticket 25 lei | Facebook RSVP here

Mighty B.A.U. is our guest for the upcoming night in Expirat club. Representing the drum and bass sound with a strong fusion from genres like hip hop, funk and jungle, BAU is coming in a full formula with Mc. Dru Klein and Mc. Tina. Event will start with a set from 031R, one of the first dubstep promoters in Bucharest, BAU will raise the tempo up to #170 sound making the transition for the closing set of the jungle veteran Dubase.

+ + B.A.U. (The Urban Artistic Brigade) is an open collective, creating improvised dance music since 1995. The core members, Utu Pascu (bass, samplers, effects), Vlad Trif (keys), Alin Margarit (guitar, keys), Tavi Scurtu (drums, samplers), were joined by MC Tina and Dru Klein.

During the 22 years of their history, B.A.U. collaborated with countless artists, such as: Toni Kuhn, Dan Griober, UFO, DJ Dudu, Roli Breaker, Dj Dubase, DJ Sleek, DJ Vasile, Electric Brother, Seba 1394, Dan Mitrofan, MC Agent, Ati de Chile, MC Bean, Norzeatic, Injektah, Pacha Man, Turntable Science, Eddie Neumann, Sascha Bota, Claudiu Buna, Lucian Nagy, Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, O.S.G.C. and many others. The spontaneity of their grooves, based on interplay and the interaction with the dancers, remains unmatched. They use any style of rhythm necessary to bring life to the music.

+ + Head honcho of Guerilla Outernational, Dubase has been active on the Romanian musical scene since 1996. Being constantly eclectic during his 20 years of music journey through techno, breaks, bass music, ethnic jazz, dub, jungle, you name it.He used to make live soundtracks of silent movies for Tiff festival from 2003-2006 with his partner in crime Leizaboy aka Calibro 45..

+ + 031R, Antonio Nartea on his real name, is one of the key players that helped the early dubstep scene of Bucharest take shape, back in the mid-2000s, through his promoting, writing and DJing endeavours. Coming from what was mainly a breakbeat and drum&bass background, he took over dubstep.ro at the end of 2006 and spent the next five years putting on and playing dubstep exclusive nights along with the likes of Loefah, Sgt. Pokes, Benga, Skream, Tes La Rok, Caspa, Virus Syndicate, Al-Haca Soundsystem and many others. As a selector, his record collection is still comprised of the genre's finest early-days offerings, from Croydon to Bristol, from dark garage to dub-infused to techno-influenced.