Black Rhino Mix 009: D-Fuze

Apr 21, 2020

Born in Giurgiu, D-Fuze begins his adventure in electronic music 11 years ago debuting at local gigs. In 2014 he teamed up with his friends establishing the project Sub Giurgiu, meant to promote and celebrate the sound system culture. For 2020, D-Fuze is planning to release his first music EP.

The mix for Black Rhino is an introduction into the deep atmosphere his music will pursuit.

Follow D-Fuze on SoundCloud and Mixcloud.


01. Dubkasm - Victory (Mala Remix)
02. Vivek feat Dego Ranking - Diffrent Sound
03. Mr.K - Koto Krunch
04. Fiend - Lost
05. Breez - Simer
06. Kontent - Corrupt Dub
07. Fearless Dread - N4
08. Distinct Motive - Noble
09. Kotei - Raggamuffin
10. Josi Devil - Digi Dub
11. Headland - Grits
12. Causa - Space Dub VIP
13. DJ Madd - Shine Eye
14.  Substance - Mandalorian
15. Majority - Air Cutter
16. Six Chakra - Jumex
17. WZ - Inhale Echoes
18. Aardvarck - Monkey See
19. Rednote - Melting
20. Fiend - Dream Waver
21. Egoless - Due Dilligence
22. Mr.K - Okoustik
23. J:Kenzo - Ultrasonic Vibration
24. Krook, The Greys & Tetrad - Skinwalker
25. Mikrodot - Psychotherapy
26. Chad Dubz - Conquer Dem
27. Tinky - Sympathetic Kage
28. Ternion Sound - Funky Shit
29. E3 Breaks - Sickle Cell
30. Coki - Lucifer
31. Cartridge - Morph
32. Sleeper & Youngsta - Hello
33. Alix Perez - Lifeline
34. Wraz - Trilow
35. Trisiciloplox - Monolith

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