Electronica Aplicata

w/ Călin
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As a music addict, Călin is a traveler through electronic music genres, which he selects so that a sonic story can be revealed.
four tet - scloud oct 2019
Battera - Atlas (Of Norway Version)
Chloé & Vassilena - Serafimova Driveway
Clubroot - Infatuated
DC Salas - Another Chapter
Elektro Guzzi - Rotor
Fundamental Knowledge - 199411 (Demokrator Remix)
Gidge - The Cascades
Karpov not Kasparov - Except For Bears
Marius Vareid - Acidus
Milio - Moment of Truth
of norway - Forsythia
Overmono - BMW Track
Paul Roux - On Rêve
Rafael Cerato - Swag (Original Mix)
Rosssccooo - Mindslicer
Sau Poler - 03 4.44
Throwing Snow - Traveller
Zillas on Acid - Not Really
Zombies in Miami - When Your Time Has Gone (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)
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