The Cut

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The radio show mainly includes fresh music and classic tracks with genres from ambient or avant-garde to IDM or dub techno.
GHIU is active as a DJ and musician for more than a decade. He constantly digs for new music and explores the sonic realms of this world through field recordings he uses in his compositions.
mir.ON - Intro
Abul Mogard - Clouds
Amulets - Observer effect
Marconi Union - We travel
nthng - E Crusader
Aluviana - kt-5
Dean Hurley - Back again
Eli Keszler - All the mornings in the world
Conforce - Kawai
Antendex - Dream calibration
Skee Mask - Nvivo
Perila - You disappear you find yourself again
Perila - Memories of grass
Discordless - Peace, peace when there's no peace
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