Released by the Netherlander label Ongehoord, "Driftmachine plays Marien van Oers" album playfully circles around the notion of trance-inducing repetition, following Marien van Oers's (1955-2013) concept presented in 1983: "The basic idea of the performance is experiencing a constant repetition of sound (=rhythm), which can result in the spectator taking action through movement or getting into a form of trance".

With house and techno music just barely scratching the surface in that time, the notion was new to the masses. The seminal 1983 cassette release, thoughtfully entitled "Massive trance", plays around with different loops and African percussion elements which overlay on top of each other until a state of trance is gradually induced in the listener's mind, especially in the first (untitled) track, over 26 minutes long. The same applies to Driftmachine 2019 release, a tribute to the original concept, though "Massive trance" is closer to Muslimgauze's work than to modern "minimal" wave.

"Driftmachine plays Marien van Oers" is mostly done using two racks of modular synthesizers and lots of tribal beats which transport you to higher states of consciousness through their continuous repetition. The album logic and aesthetics invites the listener to a calm and meditative state of mind while listening to the voiceless album.

The album concludes with a club oriented track with strong and crunchy low frequencies. I felt it like a wake up or like a call to action. It came in the right moment and it felt naturally to have such a strong conclusion to the meditation.