This year Black Rhino Music was commissioned by TimeShift Music Festival to propose a two days lineup for one of the festival stages. Our work began by selecting and proposing artists to festival management and continued with responsibilities such as artist care, drivers and stage management. A large shout to all our friends that helped us organising this stage. Peace and respect to each and everyone.

Black Rhino Stage lineup gathered artists such as: Goldie // Mala // dBridge // Iration Steppas // Loxy // Presha // The Untouchables // Commodo* // Clarity // Gantz // SP:MC // Illaman Mc // Echo Ranks // Low Freq // Fane // K-Rob // ZO // Agmantav.The video represents a glimpse of the atmosphere our stage created.

Track "Changes" by Mala appears curtsy of the artist and DEEP MEDi.Track "X Gene" by The Untouchables ft. Loxy appears curtsy of the artists and Samurai Music.

Video, as usual, done by Good stuff for Black Rhino Music

Pictures from the event can be found here for Day 1, and here for Day 2.

Artwork by Grafic Skull.