Good music is everywhere, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with every week's releases. So, we took a step forward and hand-picked a selection of 5 albums we recommend you to listen to over the weekend.
Nahawa Doumbia - Kanawa

On the third release on ATFA, Kanawa is a fresh release by Nahawa Doumbia, an artist with over 40 years of a musical career. It is extraordinary what Awesome Tapes From Africa have managed to do so far, uncovering repressing African music jams. But, a milestone is set by starting to press more fresh music from the black continent.

As time passed Nahawa's voice become more vibrant, confident, and authoritative. Kanawa speaks to the people and addresses the authorities. As she puts it:

We see our children trying to cross the ocean all the time. I said that many of our children die in the ocean and some of them while crossing the Sahara. Some climb over the wires across the borders and they have gotten shot. We have asked them not to leave and instead stay home. But I ask them why do they leave their country? ....

I ask them to stay and work in their country. So that we can help each other find a solution to this problem.

I call on the UN and African leaders so that we can coordinate our efforts to find a solution, to create jobs for them so that young people stop leaving. This song is about that message and I chose it as the title of my album because I like it. My choice is because it is very meaningful and it is something we see on a daily basis.

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VA - Indaba Is
Brownswood / 2021

Brownswood is presenting ‘Indaba Is’ – a compilation of current South African improvised music and jazz – released January 29th 2021. The project is a collaboration with 2 luminaries of the South African Music scene pianist / songwriter Thandi Nthuli and The Brother Moves On’s Siyabonga Mthembu who act as curators / musical directors on the project.

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Bronze Nazareth & Leaf Dog - Bundle Raps

The "Music From A Sinking World" album project is in its entirety the recovery of some tape loops (recorded between March and October 2020), erected on orchestral fragments, static interruptions and blurry depths.

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Stefan Panea - Detail and Pattern

The seventh release of the music composer and sound engineer Stefan Panea brings him closer to dub and techno. Those familiar with his music will notice that he is taking more time to explore the rhythm section, creating a balance between drums and atmospheres. So far, Stefan's releases were more in the ambient territory, with Detail and Pattern, a new artistic vision unveils.

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The latest release from one of our favorite labels, Freund der Familie, is a remix release of Panorama record (2020). The four remixes are taking the original tracks even further, giving the impression the original release was just a pit stop. Now, the journey continues into the realm of electronic exploration.

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