Inspired by Pieter Bruegel's series of "Seasons" classic paintings, "The hunters in the snow" is a collaboration between Anemone Tube, Jarl & Monocube. The rich and diverse result invites the listener to build rich soundscapes and dream-like states of mind while listening.

In the work for no less than 5 years, the album starts with almost arctic ambiances, gradually sustained by heavy drops of bass sounds. On The Harvesters, Anemone Tube and Monocube use lots of water field-recordings interrupted by industrial sounds of, possibly, ships passing by. The original samples used are pretty hard to decode because of the digitally altered process, but still you can feel the original, analogue sound of a field recording. This method brings the listener closer to the atmosphere but, at the same time, manages to create a state of intrigue and curiosity.

Every track creates a unique tension that is sonically heterogeneous and narrative in all manners of speaking. Hunters in the snow, the last track of the release, is over 18 minutes long and it takes the time to emphasize the industrial background of the musicians while putting in stage a journey into the universe of Pieter Bruegel's works, in a post-modern interpretation of the painter's vision.

For an avid listener of ambient and experimental music, "Hunters in the snow" is a landmark album because of its precision and subtleness, while delivering cinematic soundscapes that ludically play with your imagination and senses. As Vital Weekly puts it in a very warm review, "It's wintertime, late afternoon and here's the perfect soundtrack". Imagine that!

"Hunters in the snow" was released by the German label Aufabwegen, on CD, in a limited edition of 333 copies. For every copy sold, a 3 euros donation goes directly to "Ekayana Forest Project", a Buddhist community committed to the planting of trees. The CD comes with a 8-panel digifile including an essay on Pieter Bruegel’s landscapes by Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg & Kim Dohlich, and a poem by Jean Gebser.