The third session (follow first one here and the second one here) of Black Rhino Artist in Residence brings together Dream Diggers and Șerb. A joint venture between the industrial sound of Dream Diggers and techno oriented producer Șerb has produced the song ”Simulacru de confort”.

Each residency aims to promote the process of collaboration, producing and recording a song. It interests us how artists work and negotiate musical ideas in order to reach a common goal. We are happy to present you the result of this session by introducing the song Simulacru de confort. You can listen the full track on Soundcloud and watch the documented video of this residency episode on YouTube. The video version also features interviews with the artists. You can purchase the track following our Bandcamp page.

Recording, mixing & mastering by Marius Costache at Studio148.Video, edit and photos by Good stuff.

Words about Dream Diggers:

Dream Diggers is a musical project that gravitates around sound exploration. Having launched two albums, the distinct highlight of the project is the atmosphere it creates, with a mix of low frequencies, syncopated rhythms and guitar tunes with dub echoes.Released in 2015, "Fear is a lie" starts by telling a dystopian musical story, with warm sitar tunes which then grow and reach levels of militant stanzas. Peppered with many guest artists, "Fear is a lie" introduces Dream Diggers as a project open to the exploitation and manipulation of sound.On the next release, "To dream is to see" (2016), the acoustic drums and the synth tunes add tension that complement the sound spectrum of Mihnea’s gravelly voice.Every release sees the band's music in constant motion, experimenting with new frequencies.Find Dream Diggers on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Words about Șerb:

Romanian producer Șerban Ilicevici, born and raised in Craiova, he spent his youth playing guitar in Nihilistic, a band in the local punk scene. He later moved on to post rock, electronic music and ambient, releasing two albums as 1/2 of Semiosis. Since 2014 Șerb is part of Listen2Me, an independent label, where he released his debut 12" Transient Recs 1. His Qui Vive record was released this year, 24th of March, on FIZIC.Find Șerb on Soundcloud and Facebook.