Cyberian is a Bulgarian music artist and head honcho of  WTF IS SWAG label. We chat with him about his next release Limerence, a full lenght album that will be released on the 30th of April on tape an digital via Amek Collective.

We take this oportunity and we premiere the track Dragons Of Eden ft. Kanz. Enjoy the track and the interview.

What is the story behind your alias ”Cyberian”? I really like it.

The name just came to my mind, because I feel like my alter ego has no nationality and for most people I`m just another account on the internet. The Cyberspace is the safe space I inhabit. Cyberia is also an old video game with some really nice low definition graphics. At the time I came up with it I was really into Sci-fi.

I actually have a few other monikers as well, most of them I keep a secret.

Your music is very cinematic and immersive, like a sound track of an imaginary movie. What are your sources of inspiration?

For this particular record I really worked on a lot of ideas inspired by pagan myths and stories. A lot of Greek and Thracian mythology and Balkan paganism. I also used quite a lot of field recordings i did hiking in the mountains by myself. Solitude drives me, that's why i enjoy producing electronic music a lot, because I get to spend a lot of time by myself.Some tracks like “Perseverance” are inspired by dreams I’ve had. It was a strange slow-motion dream of me leaving my body.Anyway, I don’t want to describe my music a lot. I feel like contemporary art has put descriptions and research on a pedestal and I just want it to be all about the music. I feel like people should trust their basic perception and their own emotions on the stories I tell.

Tell us a bit about your production techniques. Do you start from scratch and improvise or do you know from the beginning how a track should sound like?

I just try to create spontaneous and ecstatic musical compositions utilizing field recorders, modular synthesizer and old-school software instruments. Most times I would aim for a particular vibe in a project and sometimes i would just make a patch on the synthesizer put a lot of random modulation and let the machine surprise me. Even if I’m doing something with a beat I will start with the music first, when the chords are right I’ll put the beat on.I like to improvise a lot and change the recording process each time so most tracks are done differently. Lately I’ve been trying to record one take songs based on just straight improvisation.

Do you have any classical music training? You use lots of piano sounds on your tracks, like the ones in "Praxis", for example.

I have no formal training in music. I used to go to drumming lessons when I was 12, but I`m self-thought on theory, harmony etc. I just love playing instruments. For a long time I`ve been avoiding the raw piano sound, but now I feel like it`s organic sound is really well received and suits that type of production.

Your debut EP, released in 2014, uses lots of beats. On your latest album there are almost no beats or experimental dubstep atmospheres, except for "Dragons of Eden". What drove you to almost give up using rhythm?

I haven't thought about that much. I guess music I`ve been doing lately is more introspective and melancholic. I have kept some of the ideas, but I came along with a different approach. The use of common drum sounds makes people put genre stamps on your music sometimes. I also think I got a bit tired of club music, dance music or whatever and the whole culture around it. I don't really go to clubs that much and i feel like Sofia doesn't have a big culture in that regard.It`s been a long time since I've released something, but I feel like my music really matured in the past few years. I won’t wait that long for the next release for sure.

Tell us a bit about your label. What determined you to put up a label and what are your next releases? Also, will the label keep focus on ambient and experimental music, or will be open to other genres also?

We started the label of a small club night we had in Sofia. A year or two later I was the only person working on it as my friends were no longer living in Sofia and it`s getting harder and harder for me to put out stuff as I’m extremely busy lately. The label never had a real focus to be honest, it`s been about eclecticism from the beginning. I have a bunch of friends doing different stuff so I feel like just putting out different releases. I`ve also thought on making another imprint especially for more deeper/darker stuff, but that is still in the works. I have a little tape compilation in mind as a next release.

How would you describe the Bulgarian ambient scene? Tell us some new acts that we should follow.

It has a good potential I think. We have a bunch of acts and some DIY concerts happening every now and then. It’s not really vibrant but it’s on the come up. We have established acts like Mytrip and e.u.e.r.p.i. I love Evitceleses ambient tracks. My favourite record lately is Harmony, Bliss, Rust by Shrine. The Mahorka label releases a lot of ambient stuff as well.