120 Minutes

w/ The Cristea Institute & Radio Vesna
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In loving memory of those times when one would get an uneasy feeling stumbling upon strange, unidentified broadcasts in the middle of the night.

They may have killed 120 Minutes on MTV in 2009, but we’re its undead sister and our institutional record label is ready to give your brain a real shakedown with both the acts and the drama that we will be showcasing.
Colder - Crazy Love (Original Mix)
Admina - Dissociation
DJ Python - Mmmm
Sophia Zhuravkova - Tears Falling While Spring Comes
Jacob Hohmann, Kandel's Orchestra Vs Prenadez - Doina and Hora and Birds
Mica Levi - Love
Voov - Freezer AC1
The Mitchell Brothers - Alone With The Tv
Jon Hassell - Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street
CPEx - Socialism Prevails For Once
People Like Us - People Like Us
Else Marie Pade - Faust Suite: Margrethes Fordømmelse
Monica Vlad - Intro
Elysia Crampton - Lake
Ilya Artemov - Untitled
илья мазо - светомузыка
ИНФХ - Scrambled Pieces (Fragment)
落差草原 WWWW / Prairie WWWW - 黑夢/Formosan Dream
落差草原 WWWW / Prairie WWWW - "鯨骨 Whales' Bones"
Kate NV - Marafon 15
Valentina Goncharova - Higher Frequencies
NWII - Дремучий лес
NSRD - Pļava
Soho Rezanejad - Greed Wears a Disarming Face
NWII - Электрический свет продолжает наш день (fragment)
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