Ruffinaments Showcase

w/ Blanilla
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Ruffinaments Showcase brings you the latest and forthcoming releases from one of the few UK Garage/Bass/Breaks labels in this part of Europe: Ruffinaments. Besides showcasing the label's talents, the show will feature the hottest tracks in the bass driven genres mentioned above.
Kraymon - 2 Reasons For Love
Kraymon - The Window To Your Soul
Miss Mants - Junglist
Vlademir & Vlad Bretan - Mawie (Groove Trickz Remix)
Norbest - 1st Rave (EM-WA Tanner Hard Remix)
Norbest - 1st Rave (SHRWM Remix)
Blanilla - MElalcholic Soundboy
Remnant Of Bumbapa - Yaw
Groove Trickz - Danger
Murder He Wrote - Storm
Interplanetary Criminal - DTWYM
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